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The hooded man.

By Rita Shasha

I was frustrated and confused. I had just witnessed the killing of my best friend, Nadine. "YOU PIECE OF SCUM!" I shoot at the hooded murderer. I glared into his eyes, evil was raging in his deep blue eyes. "Move and no-one gets hurt." He said calmly. "WHY, WHY?"I blurted out. "I really do not want to do this to you." I knew that I had to move. Swiftly I moved nearer to the door. "Good girl." He exclaimed. With a swift movement the murderer was beside me holding me at gunpiont."You will not say anything about this. I hear one word I'm getting hunted down you will end up like your friend Nadine over there." "Alright?" There was a small silence. "I SAID ALRIGHT!?" "Ok k kay." I managed to stumble. I quickly move to the silver steel door. Once I had goten out of sight from that ghastly man I began to run at full pelt."I swear I will kill that hideous man." I whispered under my breath. Finally I had reach the end of the dark,scary tunnel in which the door was placed. My legs were getting tierd. I began to slow down. I was puffing like a dog after a good,long run. I closed my eyes and hoped that I was in a distant land in my dreams. I opened my eyes. I was still in the very same place. My skinny legs began to move toward my house. My brain was at an overload. I crossed the road and triped. In front of me was a old looking fortune cookie. I didn't want to eat it so I ripped it apart. The paper was scrunched up but still looked new. I slowly and carefully opened it. "You will have to tell your biggest secret." It read. I thought about it. No. I thought to myself. I would die, suffer like Nadine. My head was hurting but I got up and raced to my house. The door handle felt cold on my hand. I opened our old oak fron door and slipped inside. "Whats up darling, You look a bit pale?" My mum shouted through the kitchen. I steadily made my way up to her. "Mum." "Yes?" "I have to tell you something."

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