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The Orb

By Charles Price

James watched as the shining orb of light came closer every second, making a comical whining as it flew. What was it? James couldn't think of any ideas of what it might be. It was getting faster. James began to run,faster and faster, but to no avail. it was so close now he couldn't see anything else. He curled up into a ball, shielding his face, waiting to die...
Chapter I

James woke up In a tussled heap of bedclothes, lying on the beige carpet floor of his bedroom. He was shaking with fear from the weirdest dream he had ever had. "What could it mean?" He thought. But he pushes the thought away, remembering that dreams were basically things jumbled up in your brain. he checked his watch. 4:23am. "Why do i always wake up so early?!" he thought aloud. He attempted to go back to sleep, but gave up after half an hour of tossing and turning, first in restlessness, and then in fury. He decided to pick up a book, and settle for the night.


"How is it going?" Said John.
"Well, Anne. We are nearly ready to launch the EXT probe".
"You never say it properly"
"Does it reall matter"
"Yes. We're professionals in science!"
"That sounds so comical"
"Whatever, let get on with it"
The two managers walked over to the hangar to overview the lauch of their work. A squadron of guard were patrolling the runway, armed with Aug B72-AA4 machinepistols and EMP pistols, the latest technology.
"Those EMP pistols are rediculous"
"Shut up, Wanda" Hollered a voice on the other side of the hangar.
"All of you shut up! Yelled John. It's the big moment!"
Polite applause filled the hangar.
"Fire it up!"
John saw the Co-pilot flicking switches as the engines began to roar, louder and louder. Suddenly, Blue flame shot out of the engines, and the cheering became louder as the EXT Virtue shot into the sky, and vanished.
It was never heard from again.

2 years later.

James didn't get why the EXT Virtue was on the news again. He'd heard about it a thousand times before, back when he was twelve. he was fourteen now, and ready to join the army. You used to have to be 17 at least. But times change, and the Cook strait war was not going well for the north island. he continued to watch the news. he suddenly sat up. the news presenter had said 'crash' then a horrifying image appeared to screen. The wreckage of an image he knew all to well. the EXT virtue. scrapped to oblivion. James looked closer. He regretted it instantly. The probe was covered with luminescent slime. and it had crashed in Upland park, 5 Kilometers west of where he lived.

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