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By Rodger G.

High Orbit Robotic Nest En Thermosphere. H.O.R.N.E.T. There are only three H.O.R.N.E.T's in the world, Though I have to admit, they could have come up with a better word for E, because it should have been H.O.R.N.I.T. Previously owned by the U.S government, now siezed by an extra-terrestrial threat. So a High Altitude Tactical Assult team, or a H.A.T.A team were deployed. Unfortunately, the team deployed also included a certain 14 year old, me. As the H.O.D, High Orbit Dropship, approached the H.O.R.N.E.T, I could truely admire how far technology had evolved as the size of the Space Platform overwhelmed the dropship, I quickly did an equipment check. I was wearing standard armour, with a black sheen, the air rushing through the mask I wore, the gloves with their retractable knifes, as tiny blue crystals pulsed, holding together the energy sheilding and creating a perfect comm system, I checked my gun, a MXZ-821 Assult Rifle, which has five barrels, a 200 bullet clip and a com screen to boot. The power source was a reactor core, a shining blue phial of continuous energy. I checked my clips, and all 20 were in place as I Checked they were all loaded with the 12mm exsplosive spiked shards that I called bullets. I also had my EMP Discs and explosive pads.

The dropship landed on the H.O.R.N.E.T's surface with a thud as I jumped down, the commander shouting the words I was already accustomed to hearing. The immortal words "Cub, you take Point!!!" as i jumped into the pulsing grav lift into the H.O.R.N.E.T itself. The purple light pulsed as I moved around the dark room, opening the cold, hard, nanosteel door, the others fanning out in the usual search pattern. The cold hard walls closed in on me as the lights were out of power. Running down the hallway, I went down the stairs, down to the generator room alone, at least, I thought I was alone.

The sudden clang alerted me of it's presence, and I unslung my gun, and turned on the night-vision on my suit, scanning backwards and forwards, sweeping for a target. Once I reached level ground it hit me in a flurry of spines and barbs, my knife sinking into it's flesh as my gun went flying. Reaching around, I pined it to the ground, continuously knifing it in the unsightly thing I deemed to be it's head, it's jaws snapping at me, I rolled back, throwing into the wall, making a sizeable dent in the nanosteel. That was when it started to shoot it's spines at me. Just before contact, I rolled, the spines ripped right through the wall as I got to my gun. Sighting quickly, I fired, loading it with bullets. Half of them ricocheting of the armour that was the creature's skin, the rest hit, ripping the creature to shreds as I stood there, panting, hoping there would be no more of those vile things. I continued walking to the generator room, covered in the aliens greenish-blue blood, my sheilds down a considerable amount as they recharged. Holding my gun, I buzzed me teammates. "any contact yet?" I asked, "because whatever's here, it isn't friendly."
"Acknowledged. What type of contact?" the captain asked.
"The extra-terrestrial mutant alien kind, sir."
"We'll be on guard" the captain said, and terminated the connection.

The eerie silence was chilling as I walked around still and dead pillars I called reactors, the switch on the other side. As I approached, the ceiling flew apart in a flurry on debris as I leapt back, throwing an explosive pad on the floor, the three minute timer ticking as I fired at the ground, holding the aliens down on the ground with absolutely no way out. Then, with 5 seconds left before the timer ran out, I ran out of ammo.

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