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Spoiled Rotten

By Isabella

Chapter 1
The Sneaker Thing
At the shoe store, a girl named Francine sees a pair of running shoes that she's wanted to buy for ages. She gasps and says, "The Mercury X-11 pump action cross trainers with aqua gel soles! Oh, please, please, pleeease be cheap!" She picks them up and looks at the price. "Great. It'd take me six weeks to save up that much!"
Her best friend Muffy Crosswire comes up to her holding a purple sneaker in one hand and a red sneaker in the other and asks rather rudely, "What are those?! Nurse's shoes?" "They're the best athletic shoes on the market! All the professional athletes wear them," says Francine excitedly, then sighs sadly. "Unfortunately, only pro-athletes can afford them." She puts the shoes back. "They're just sneakers," says Muffy. "Now, which is more me? The red sneaker or the purple?" "Beats me," says Francine walking past her towards the storekeeper's counter, looking bored. "I can't decide either," says Muffy. "I guess I'll just take both."
When they're at the storekeeper's counter, Muffy pulls out a wallet and takes out from a bundle of cards a credit card that's orange and pays the storekeeper (Muffy is only eight, and she uses credit cards! Weird, huh?!). Francine keeps staring at the sneakers. "You know, if you really want those hideous things, I can buy them for you." Francine smiles, looks back at the sneakers and the smile drops off her face. "No thanks," she says. "I'd rather save up and buy them myself." The storekeeper puts Muffy's shoes into two boxes and puts them into a plain plastic bag. "No, no! The GOOD bag, please," says Muffy, pointing to some fancy green gift-bag-like bags with the letters MC printed on them that were behind the storekeeper. The storekeeper takes the shoe boxes out of the plastic bag and puts them into the bag Muffy asked. Muffy smiles and walk out, while Francine sighs and shakes her head and follows her.
At Francine's house, for six weeks, Francine saves up all her money. After six weeks, she breaks open her piggy bank and and takes all the money to the sneaker store. But when she gets there, she sees that the shoes have already been bought and that the storekeeper was out of stock!
"Yoo hoo! Francine!" a voice called. Francine turned out to see that it was Muffy. "I was just about to call you. Look what I just bought!" Muffy shows what she's bought to her. "My sneakers!!" wails Francine. "They're soooo comfortable. And look at the bounce these soles have!" Muffy said, bouncing up and down to show her. "But I was gonna buy them!" says Francine crossly. "I saved up six weeks worth of allowance!" "Don't they have any more?" "No!" Muffy stops jumping and laughs nervously. She takes a step back. "well, this is awkward." "Yep." "I'd give them to you, but, um, I have a, um, foot fungus, thingy. You wouldn't want them." "Mary Alice Crosswire, you are the most selfish, spoiled brat I've ever seen," says Francine and walks away crossly. Muffy gasps. "Spoiled?! Me???!!!
(To be Continued because chapter 1 has finished.)

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