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First day at school

By Karla

I was so exited for my first day of school- Until what happned. Mum dropped me off and kissed me goodbye and crying, she got in the car and went. I walked into the classroom to discover my teacher. Her name was Mrs Mikindon. Her most distinctive characteristic was her eyes because one was green and one was blue. "strange" I thought.

We got introduced to our classmates and I sat down to a girl called Darla. I asked her "don't you think Mrs Mikindon's eyes are weird?" She took a quick look and nodded.

When the lunch bell went Mrs Mikindon called me and Darla to her.She inspected Darla's hand and my arm. "Perfect" she laughed "come with me girls". We followed her to the school cafeteria. She grabbed a pot. Salt. Pepper. And next she wanted...

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