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When Best Friends Fight

By Talesha

It first started when Tony , Tony’s best friend Chuck , Tony’s girlfriend Izzy and Izzy’s best friend Lola started high school. The school dance was coming up but that wasn’t their only priority at Notsberg High , there was also a competition coming up that Tony and the gang entered it was called drum roll, “Best Band” pretty boring name but people would be coming from all over Australia it was going to be big and Tony and his band had to be good to win.

Tony held practices at his place, his parents knew how important this competition was so they let the band practice in the garage. The dance was a day after the competition,Tony already had a date Izzy and Lola had her date Brian so that left Chuck dateless so while practicing they were running round trying to hook Chuck up with a chick.

They ended up asking one of the cheerleaders Sandra she said yes but Chuck said he already liked a girl Penny Chung.Tony,Izzy and Lola looked at Chuck “Penny Chung” said Lola. Penny Chung had thick glasses, braces and dead straight hair.“she is the ugliest and geekiest girl ever in man kind” explained Tony “ Well I don’t care what you guys think I’m asking her out to the dance and that’s that” yelled Chuck feeling a bit down, “oh and by the way you just lost a band member” said Chuck ignorantly. Chuck asked Penny out and she happily said yes.

At lunch in the cafeteria Penny and Chuck sat at one table and Tony, Izzy, Lola and Brian sat at another. It came to competition night and they still didn’t have Chuck back but they finished 3rd,the next night at the dance Chuck and Penny walked through the big doors of the school gym.Penny looked like a princess her straight hair curly, her braces gone and her glasses replaced with contacts she was wearing a pale, light green strapless dress. Tony, Izzy and Lola apologized to Chuck and not only did they get Chuck back they also got a new member of their group Penny.Jealous Izzy slapped Tony for telling Penny she looked pretty,poor Tony.

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