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Everyone comes Together in the End

By Talesha

In a small country town, with a population of 1,320, lived a small family of 3 a mother, a father and the couple’s young daughter Zoe. The family trio lived in a small, high set, wooden, yellow house with an old, muddy Holden ute sitting under the garage dad made out of wood and metal. They also owned a little bit of acreage where they kept their Border collie named sam; sheep named old Pete and Zoe’s horse named Dixie.

They are a small family but they are not a happy family. Zoe’s mother and father were always fighting; things were getting out of hand. The couple sat down one night and discussed. “I think you know what I’m about to say” said mother to dad, dad sat quietly then looked up “this bickering is not what our Zoe’s ears should be hearing, I think we both know that” explained dad. “I agree I think It’s best for us and Zoe if we separate” mother said in a low voice “I’m taking Zoe with me, I am going to move to the city in a couple of weeks we can discuss more later on when we can talk to Zoe about this”.

Zoe woke up on a Sunday morning only to meet her two parents sitting at the table in there dining room looking at her. “May I ask why you are both staring at me?” questioned Zoe. “We need to have a talk honey” purred her mother “come sit down”. Zoe went and sat at her usual seat and looked at both her parents each individually very confused with what her mother had said `we need to have a talk`. “Well” her father started but was cut off by her mother “you know how me and daddy argue”, “yes, though I block it out most the time I’ve trained myself to do so” replied Zoe. “Me and mum don’t love each other anymore and we are going to be living in different houses, you will be going to live with your mum in the city where as I will be staying here” babbled her dad “so I won’t be able to see you anymore daddy” cried Zoe “it’s ok Zoe you will visit your father on allocated weekends “soothed her mother. A smile of relief spread across Zoe’s fathers face as he now new that what he feared most was not going to happen, he would still be able to see his daughter.

Zoe’s life will never be the same. Her day was a mess; she sat under one of the trees down the back with Sam and processed all this information through her head, it took her all day to work out what was going on. Everyone ate in silence at the table that night. Zoe cleared the table then went and had a long hot shower. Zoe climbed into bed wearing her favourite pink and purple, love heart pyjamas. Zoe pulled up her horse doona cover and rugged up as it was cold, it took her a long time to get to sleep. Father went in to check on her, Zoe was asleep by this time and he gave her a soft kiss on her forehead “I love you Zoe and I always will” he whispered. He then left the room leaving the door open as he walked out just how Zoe liked it so the light from the hallway shone in through her door.

It came to moving day the saddest day of Zoe’s life. Zoe’s new house was big it had three bedrooms ,two bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining area, decent size living room and an actual remote controlled garage but a small backyard only big enough for Sam so no Dixie nor old Pete. Zoe picked her room out of the two as the third was the master bedroom which was her mums. Zoe’s mum bought all new furniture a new modern dining table, kitchen utensils, massive leather lounge, a plasma T.V and so on. Zoe got a new bed as she left her old one at what she now has to call her dads house. Zoe’s dad was very lonely that night so he decided to go to bed early besides he now had to look after Dixie and old Pete when Zoe wasn’t there.

It’s been 3 months and today is Zoe’s 10th birthday. Zoe’s mum will spend the morning with her than she will drive her an hour to her dads where she will sleepover. For her Birthday her mum got her a book called ` The Real Thing, by Brain Falkner` that’s her favourite book she also got her some new clothes a nice aqua blue silk dress, pink skinny jeans and an awesome fluorescent green hoodie. Zoe arrived at her dads, she jumped out of the car and ran as fast as she could up the front stairs to knock on the door but before she could even get to the door it was open and inside ready to greet her was her dad she gave him a humungous bear hug and he beckoned her to follow him out to where Dixie is. There sitting on Dixie’s back was a beautifully embroided saddle, Zoe’s jaw dropped she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Oh my gosh, thanks dad thanks so much” screamed Zoe “it is my pleasure” beamed her dad.

Zoe got straight on Dixie she trotted around for ages and then Dixie broke into a canter which Zoe was not expecting. Zoe overbalanced and THUD! She hit the ground. Her dad came running over to her, Zoe was unconscious he was terrified he called 000 straight away. The ambulance didn’t take long to arrive, the paramedics loaded Zoe onto a gurney and into the ambulance. After a couple of hours Zoe awoke from her deep sleep. When she opened her eyes she saw at her bedside her mother, her dad, a doctor and two nurses. The doctor checked Zoe and made sure everything was ok and then left the room along with the two nurses to give Zoe and her parents some time to themselves. Her parents both hugged her.

“When you fell you broke your arm but that’s it, we were both so worried and we think we could maybe make this work, you and I are going to be moving back in with dad “hollered her mother “yay” screamed Zoe. Zoe and her mother moved in a couple of weeks after the incident, they also auctioned off some of their new furniture which gave them some more money. Everything went back to normal, everything the same as it used to be except poor old Pete passed away from old age which they were all upset about. But everyone lived happily ever after.

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