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You Did Ask

By Ethan J. Morris

His words are as sharp as razors.
Do you like to feel them across your neck ?
I'm telling you darling, in the long run,
Those razors will turn into regret.

Your drunk off his lies,
and when he grabs you by the waist,
Your transformed into nothing but dust,
You're not the first, to be easily replaced.

I told you, we all told you.
You chose the hard way out.
You will come to a running stop,
once he finds a new girl, no doubt.

Tear after tear,
lie after lie.
How long til you believe,
he doesn't care if you cry.

He's defending himself,
"The rumors aren't true."
He's in it for the one man race,
You haven't got a clue.

He's in it to get his rocks off,
Yeah whose the next booty call ?
He'll whisper words so sweet,
And you're ready to fall.

He'll never take the blame,
and you've become his pet.
Not his girlfriend, not his lover,
but you'll do anything to protect.

The only thing you're doing,
is digging your grave.
I don't feel sorry for you now.
I've nothing left to say.

So when he takes that blade and
Stabs it in your ribcage, a little to the left..
Remember i was once your friend,
you found too easy to forget.

When your heart is on the floor
and he stomps on it just a little more.
He'll be the hero,
and you'll be the whore.

You will not see because he is shining.
You won't listen because you're right.
And when all else falls,
who will come crawling back in the night ?

Like a time bomb ticking away, like a heart waiting on edge.
Like putting keys into ignition.
I only tried to be a friend

and you didn't listen ...

J.L.Morris - Masterminds of Poetry.

Brian Falkner Books