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The Ghost Thief

By Dmitri Cherkasski

I woke up from the spine tingling creak of my bedroom door opening. I turned my head to the right of my bed where on my table stood my glow in the dark alarm clock. 12:00 am, it displayed.
My eyes started searching the whole room for anything mysterious happening. All I could see was my alarm clock and the shadows of my stuff from the light of the full moon coming in through my open window.
I turned my head back towards the open door, looking out through the dark upstairs corridor just waiting for something to enter. I could feel my whole body shiver from fear. The cold air from my open window was blowing against my face.
“Is any one there?” I asked softly out towards the corridor not wanting to wake anyone up. “Is anyone there?” I asked a bit louder.
Then I saw it. My heart stopped for a couple of seconds then was thumping like a basket ball being dribbled. A huge dark figure, floating on the wall looked a lot like a human by the out lines. I knew it was a ghost. But if it was a ghost why was it black? Ghosts were usually floating white blankets with three black spots for eyes and a mouth or white transparent people floating above the ground, or at least that’s what’s been said.
It started to move. It crouched down and lifted its leg up as though it was getting through a hole. It then jumped down and from what it looked like, it was standing on the ground but still glued to the wall. I could see its two feet stretching across the floor towards the window like two black logs of wood. I slowly turned my head following the two dark lines until it reached something like two letter L’s.
I lifted my head up slowly. The two L’s joined together then I saw something that looked like a beach ball with two sticks coming out of its sides. I kept looking up and then I saw a terrifying pale face with a scar coming from the right eye all the way down to the mouth. The face opened its mouth and without a high pitched scream or a deep oo it just said in a staccato way “boo”.
I screamed, I screamed so loud and so suddenly that the pale face gave a little jolt then started moving all over my room. I kept screaming, I was sure that my parents had woken up. The pale face then turned to me and gave me a greedy grin. It then turned towards the window squeezed through the gap between my open window and the wall then pulled something out of my room that looked a bit like a black bag. It then ran down the roof and jumped.
I jumped out of bed and ran to the door to turn on the light. I flicked the switch on and I could not believe my eyes. Most of my stuff was missing. My glow in the dark clock, my laptop, my iPod, my stereo and my Professional camera were all gone.
I leaned my back against the wall, sat down and lifted my knees to my chin. I looked around in astonishment then dropped my head into my knees and started crying. I lifted my head back up and looked at the floor. “Foot prints?” I whispered to myself. “Ghosts don’t walk? Thank g-d… It wasn’t a Ghost… It was a robber.”

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