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Spoiled Rotten Part 2

By Isabella

Chapter 2

The "Generous" Thing

The next day, Muffy tells Arthur and Buster about what happened yesterday at the mall with Francine, and how she called her spoiled.
"I mean, of all the people to call spoiled, what was she thinking? You guys don't think I'm spoiled, do you?" she asks, and walks away. arthur and Buster stare at each other, unsure of what to say. Muffy comes back to them and asks impatiently, "Well, DO you?" "No! Of course not," they stammer. Buster sniffs his beige coat. "But something in this coat pocket definetely is," he says, pulling out a sandwich. "Oh yeah, this is from when my Mum and I went carolling last year. It's snapper!" He sniffs it again. "Or maybe tuna?"
"Why are you carrying that big oafer coat, anyway? It's not winter yet," Muffy says, pointing to the coat.
"It's for the clothing drive, remember? Mr Ratburn told us to put clothes we don't need anymore in the drop box, and they'd be given to charity," Buster said, dropping his coat into the big wooden crate.
"Are you going to donate anything to the clothing drive, Muffy?" Arthur asks."Well, I would, but I don't have any clothes that are old and ratty. All my clothes are just too nice."
"My coat's not ratty!" Buster says, raising his voice crossly. "You know what? I take it back. You are spoiled. Come on Arthur." Arthur and Buster walk into their classroom, not looking back at Muffy.

When Muffy got home, she went into her bedroom with Bailey, her butler following her with a try of milk and cookies.
"Sue Ellen, Binky, and even The Brain agreed with Francine," she rants, and throws herself onto her queen-size 4-poster bed, kicking her shoes off. "But just because I'm rich, doesn't mean I'm spoiled, does it Bailey?"
Bailey picks up her shoes and puts them neatly back into her large, large closet. "I believe it is one's attitude towards privelege that determines such a thing," he says, walking towards Muffy.
"Exactly! Cookie," Muffy says, and Bailey hands her a double-decker chocolate chip cookie. "But how can I convince them I'm not spoiled?" Muffy asks Bailey, crunching into her cookie. She suddenly gasps and sits up. "I know! I'll just be super generous and show them how easy it is for me to do without things." She looks at the cookies. "Take these cookies away, Bailey!" Bailey takes a step, then stops." Wait! I'll just take one for later. Or maybe two," Muffy says, taking six. "Takes them away, Bailey!" she says, lightly pushing the tray away from her, towards the door.

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