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hole in the yard

By aimee

I have seen many strange things in my life but whats inside my yard is the strangest thing anybody in the word would see and I have seen it!!!! green glowing eyes like cats eyes and snorting when I saw that I nearly peed myself literally!!!!!!! My mum told me stories about dragons and monsters I know she is just telling me stories but I wish she could see the real thing. My friend knows about the eyes and snorting in my yard so she dared me to go in the hole it looked a lot more
shallow then it as I jumped down it was really very deep. When I landed there was very strange people around me green people yellow people even monsters
and tall as my school and tiny as an ant wide as a house I am telling you it would take a day to run around one of these people

don"t make me say it all fine next thing I new my friend but had flattened me time to get a new friend

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