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Where's The Magic

By Harry Morrison

Tom looked down at the street and saw an old man. “Where’s the Magic?” he said with a sigh. Tom wondered what that meant. Tom thought and thought. Where Is the Magic, Where Is the Magic. He finally got it. The man wanted magic. “Can I go to the book store?” asked Tom. “Sure” replied his Auntie.
Tom walked slowly with money from his Auntie to the book store. Finally, Tom arrived at the book store. “Do you have any books on magic?” Tom asked. “Sure we do” replied the book store man. Tom followed the man to where there was a book on magic. “How much does it cost?” asked Tom. “It’s free” the book store man said. Tom grabbed the book and rushed out of the exit and back to his hotel.
When Tom reached his Hotel he pushed the door open and rushed to his room. His Auntie was waiting for Tom. “Where have you been Tom?” asked his Auntie. “To the book store” said Tom. “Who said you could go there?” asked his Auntie. “You!” replied Tom. “Oh!” said Tom’s Auntie. Tom jumped on his bed and stuck his head in the book.
On the first page it said to my parents John and Amanda. That made Tom cry cause that was his parents name and his parents died in a car crash. Tom forgot about that and read up to page 101 until dinner time. Dinner was steak and chips. Tom ate his dinner in 2 minutes and continued reading. Tom learnt a lot of tricks. On his Aunties Birthday he put on a magic show. He used his Aunties special glass. While Tom was doing his magic trick he dropped the glass. That was his Aunties special glass. His Auntie cried and hugged his Uncle. Tom ran out side the building and went for a walk. Tom was crying just as much as his Auntie. Tom could feel his heart crying with Tom.
After a couple of minutes Tom saw the same guy he saw at the start of the book. The guy stared at Tom and said. “Where’s the magic?” Tom ran back to his hotel and hugged his Auntie and apologized. Tom opened his book and saw a word that said. Believe. Tom put on another magic show and believed in him self. Tom completed his magic show and didn’t break any glasses. Tom was now called the Magician of belief.

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