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By sophie pielstick

jenna woke and rubbed her eyes. she jumped out of bed and rushed down stairs, but was once again, greeted with an empty household. her dad worked for the government. she didnt know exactly, but she was determinded to find out! she had tried snooping through his old files, listining through the door to his room, but she found nothing. all of his work things were stached away in his privet office. jena had always been told never to go in there. but like any child, that only made her more curious. she casually wandered to the door. whistiling, trying to sound unsuspicious, then rapidly yanked on the door hanedl. she sighed,as was expected, the door was locked. mark appeared behind her and jenna jumped with fright. "OH! hi mark...heh hehhhh...." jenna looked at the floor and slowly started to walk off when mark's loud voice came, "jenna. stay away from your dads office. i don't want trouble, and i expect you dont either." jenna knew mark would not harm her, but he was scary! he was her dad 'personal assistant' he called him. jenna knew it was something to do with government sicurity. feeling defeated, and lonely, jenna sliked off to the attic. her dad was often gone. for days at a time too. sometimes 3 days, sometimes 5, a week. two weeks... When he was home, he and jenna spent as much time together as they could, only, with his work, that was not very much time. jenna had friends, but they lived at the base of the hill, jenna lived near the top. Jenna aimlasly wandered through the piles of books, old clothes, pictues. she sat down and picked up a photo album. it was her and her dad. a few pages in, there was a perticular picture that caught her eye. her dad, standing infront of his office door with mark about 2 feet away. she studied the picture closely. every inch of it. even in the dull resolution of the picture, she nothices something reflective on the door frame. she sat, and watched, and studied every aspect of the small picture untill she was sure she had to find this mysterious object on the door frame. she crept down stairs. mark was asleep on the couch. even in his sleep, he was terrifying. jenna shuddered then slowly crept down the halway. it seemed longer than usual. she approached the door and streched on the tips of her toes, till FINALLY the object was in her grasp. she laned back on her feet with a soft thud, then studied the object in her hand. it was a key. a small golden key. her mouth widened in awe as she realized this could be the key to the office. she fit the key into the lock, thinking about what awaited her inside, allsecrets would be answered, she turned the key, and with a click, she unlocked the door and stepped inside.

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